Getting those nails done!

Hey guys!

Yes, I think I own quite a few different nail varnishes, but I have seen so much bigger collections than mine! Seeing the amount of beauty products that some beauty bloggers keep in their drawers can be kind of overwhelming but - at least in my opinion - is amazing at the same time!

I cannot even imagine the number of looks you could create with them.
I also quite enjoy trying out various looks but because being a student means having a limited budget for beauty products. I rather spend my money on basic makeup stuff and a new lipstick here and there and of course: nail varnishes. There are so many cheap ones in the local drugstore which everyone can afford so that finding YOUR perfect colour should not be a problem.
I think, painting nails is a special kind of art like makeup or combining fashion items to most unique outfits.

 Sticking with the topic of nail varnish, there are so many questions that you could ask yourself to decide on the final look:

Which colour do you feel like putting on your nails at the moment?

Do you want to create a statement look with the brightest colours or some crazy glitters?
Do you just want to enhance the good condition your nails are in with some shining transparent varnish to keep it simple?
Do you prefer the classy French manicure?
Long? Short? Round, sharp or square? Gel nails?
Are you the creative lady with 101 ideas for patterns and colour combinations on your hands?
Is it maybe a day to show off your feet in some cute sandals and give the toe nails the finishing touch with a hint of colour?
There are too many possibilities to mention them all!

But when putting some colour on your nails, you have to keep some things in mind:

1) Bring the nails into shape before painting them! Equalise the lenght and smooth them with a file to achive the ideal finish and minimize the risk of damaging due to harsh edges.

2) Don't forget to put on a base before applying the most bright and dark shades of nail varnish because those colours can turn out quite aggressive and can cause discolouration which is not easy to get rid of afterwards.
3) Do not put on too many layers because this leads to fast chipping and really, is this worth the effort you put in it? - No, it's not.
4) Top coats can make a difference! It's hard to find the right consistency, though. When it's too thick, it could be the "never drying"-type of top coat. If it's too watery and thin, does it really make a difference?

Many affordable products for pampering and colour your nails can be found by the brand p2 cosmetics. I have not tried as many of them as I would like to, but they are already added to my wish list.

I would like to know which look you prefer on your nails? Please leave it in the comments below!

Happy painting!