The YouTube Review - Music: Madilyn Bailey

Hey guys!

This time I will review a music channel and it's the one of Madilyn Bailey!

Madilyn a young singer/songwriter from Wisconsin, USA and she has made it from a YouTube starter to a YouTube star with now over 1.3 million subscribers in only 4 years time.

Madilyn mainly covers chart songs but also writes her own ones and even went on tour (last time with Boyce Avenue (!!) and Megan Nicole)! Her voice is soft and strong at the same time. When I stumbled over her channel, I was addicted by her voice. I think it's very calming and full of emotions. She makes me like songs which I originally don't like by adding her personal touch to it. Sometimes Madilyn even does collaborative videos with other musicians of the internet, like Jason Chen. This video of them both, is my favourite collaboration video she made:

I've liked the song before (and I also like the versions of other YouTubers like Chester See's one

My favourite video of hers though is this one, which I just discovered!

Quite recently she also started do do vlogs so you can get to know her better and kind of follow her life if you want to :)

Again, this is a YouTube channel which is totally worth checking out! And I'm warning you, you kind of cannot just leave and not come back when you've been there once :D