Update: FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group G

Hey guys!

Having started this topic, I feel like, I have to keep you updated with the happenings in Brazil, especially in Group G, and my thoughts concerning the matches.
Have you seen the matches Germany vs Portugal and Germany vs Ghana? I talked about the match against Portugal in my last post already and I can really say, I did not expect what has happened so far. Before the first match had started, I thought, hopefully Germany will win against Portugal, but they will probably get the one or other goal against, and that Ghana would be an easier opponent. 

Far from it! The match against Portugal totally surprised me! Müller became the football hero of the Germans! 3 goals in one match (in a world cup!)! That is hard to beat! 

To be honest, I wouldn't even wonder at Portugal having to go home after the preliminaries. But we'll see. 
Also, after having seen the first match of Ghana, I got an idea of them being not as easy to play against as I had thought before. And, ta-da! Tied against Germany! That match was thrilling, wasn't it? I watched it at a birthday party of two friends of mine and all the guests sat in front of the TV like it had been the final game! Only a few minutes after the first Geman goal, the Ghanaians scored their first time and the second one followed. I almost believed, that's it until Klose saved the German team from losing and not getting even one point in the end. 

Not forgetting to mention Müller streaming with blood all over this face after the final whistle from his smash-up with the shoulder of a Ghanaian player! That looked like he was badly wounded! Luckily, it was not as bad as it looked!

Now, the German team has 4 points in total and there is another chance coming to make another 3 points against the USA next Thursday (which can be quite hard as well according to some TV football experts I listened to; also did they win against Ghana!) and Portugal has to play against Ghana on Thursday, too, so there is a chance that they'll end up with 3 points in total which would be the best for us, in case Germany would end up having only the 4 points they have now
As both matches take place simultaneously as I just found out, keeping track of the matches will be very exciting!! Will you watch them? Who do you want to see winning? Do you have favourite players, yet?


  1. My favourite player is Miroslav Klose!!! :-)

    1. Good choice ;) Maybe he'll play again in the next match against France :)


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