Film Review #4

Hey guys!

Another film that made it to my selection of all time favourites (and which I have mentioned in my Film Review #2) is called The Intouchables (Original title: Les Intouchables).
It's starring Omar Sy again (also leading actor of Samba) and Fran├žois Cluzet who in my opinion both did a really amazing job at representing their characters in the film which is based on true story.

So again, I do not want to give to much away of what happens in the film but I can give you a mini summary of what it is about:
Driss, a workless young man, who was adopted by his aunt and uncle as a child and immigrated to France with them, leads a more or less 'living in the moment'-life and has no interest in finding a job.
One day he is sent to a job interview by the Parisian employment agency but instead of making an effort to get the job (which he does not even know what it is) he just appears to get the signature on a paper for the agency saying that he was there but is not qualified or suitable for the job only to keep chashing unemployment allowance. Let's say it like that: It doesn't really go to plan.
Over the course of the film, a very unusal relationship and dependence develops between the two main characters and the two fates which could not be more different from another are displayed in a very unique and touching way influencing each other tremendously.

In the story, the disablity of Philippe, who after a sports accident is paralysed from the neck downwards and is therefore totally dependend on his employees, plays a key role but later on the viewer will notice that it is not only being physically limited which weighs upon his mind and that Driss might not be as selfish or frigid as you might have thought after having seen the beginning.

My favourite scenes are: 1. The Dancing Scene on Philippes birthday; 2. The airplane scene; 3. The scene after the tuning of the wheelchair.

I guess, what makes it one of my very favourite films is that the topic is again quite unusual for mainstream films and it has a very touching plot (especially as it is based on a true story!) but also that the filmmakers have incorporated these totally funny parts which make you laugh until you cry and give the whole thing a cool twist.

So, what's left to say, watch the trailer if you got interested!