Lena In Concert

Hey guys!

The other night I went to the concert of the German singer Lena in Bielefeld which was part of her Carry You Home Tour 2.0.

After being casted for and then sent as the representative of Germany to the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo in 2010, ending up winning the contest with her song Satellite and being the German contestant in Düsseldorf, Germany, in the following year, Lena (who chose to only take her first name as her stage name and whose complete name is Lena Meyer-Landrut) came to national and international fame kind of at the same time and released 4 studio albums since. Wow, this sentence might have escalated a little bit, #sorrynotsorry.
Regadless of still being a young artist and fairly new to the industry, Lena has developed quite a bit musically since she brought out her first album called My Cassette Player in 2010 and has won multiple prizes. 
For a couple of seasons now, she is also one of the coaches on The Voice Kids (Germany).

Now that I went to see her live with my sister, I can confirm, that she sounds exactly the same live as on her albums, if not better.
My favourite performance of the night was the one of The Girl from her most recent album Crystal Sky which in my opinion has a little bit of an anthem-like and strong sound to it and also the light arrangement complemented the performance really nicely. I also really enjoyed the performances of 4 Sleeps and All Kinds Of Crazy. Poor sister, having to hear me singing to those songs over and over for a while now.
Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to show you from the concert as my phone's camera is of a rather poor quality and because of the darkness and the blinding lights, there was no way of making it work really.


One thing that I found a bit weird was that noone danced to the music. Everyone just stood there and listened which was a little bit odd because there was music with danceable rhythms (it wasn't sad and slow songs all the time) and still I found myself amongst people holding up there phones filming the performances instead of purely enjoying the music. Maybe that was only the case in Bielefeld, maybe that is how Germans typically behave on concerts, I don't know, but I think that is quite sad.

Because I don't want to leave you without any kind of music when talking about a musician, here the videos of her single Traffic Lights from Crystal Sky and her first single Satellite which she still performs in her concerts but in a different version (I did not find that version anywhere, sorry!).

In case you want listen to some of her covers of songs which are in the charts at the moment, check out her YouTube channel helloleni!